Design History

2018 Started with GenEngine internal name for drawing Terraria world tile data
> With it the team developed several biomes, first drawing the Tile data as Pixel values and seeing its output before porting it into Archaea Mod
> It was considered that the buffer used to draw the output could be updated in realtime
2019 Created a basic graphics drawing design in System.Drawing and Dispatcher.BeginInvoke but it had low performance
> This was primarily a demo of collision detection
> The loops were slow and there was no multithreading for anything granted Bitmaps are not thread safe
> Viewport configuration was done as well
2020 Developed a demo in MonoGame that ran well, but wanted more control over the lighting effects
> It turned out pretty well, and it was highly efficient with infinite level generation
> This was better than expected and pretty feature complete, but the UI was pretty awful
> It also crashed when running the DEBUG inventory function oddly enough
2021 Went back to System.Drawing and designed a major portion of the project in an updated engine (GenEngine still), still low performance
> This turned into a completely different project featuring a new lighting backend, and it consequently ran pretty slowly
> The lighting was updated with a pre rendering of static light objects that took nearby textures and manipulated them
> There was even a bit of occlusion based on the two corners of Tiles that were inbetween the closest and furthest if you can imagine
2023 Ported the entirety of the project into MonoGame and used primarily System.Drawing still, but pipe the entire buffer into a Texture2D object
> The Texture2D work was basically through a Bitmap.FromMemory granted Texture2D can save to Streams
> Other work on the lighting was masking circles over lighting objects and the composite work was successful
> An error graphic was written for missing textures, and it was procedural so as to fit the resolution sizes of any Bitmap
2024 Developed REWD with the REW file format with a highly improved drawing pipeline as opposed to GenEngine's System.Drawing.Graphics buffer
> The REWD project basically stood for Remote Electronics Workspace Development
> Instead of drawing Bitmaps through System.Drawing it was decided to draw straight to a Window handle like GenEngine originally did
> The REW file format was meant to provide an alternative to Bitmaps and be thread safe
> Since Bitmap.GetPixel and SetPixel was considered slow, REW handled it differently but in a similar way
> REWD draws in 32bit-RBGA format Bitmaps and the REW format itself stores a pixel array

GitHub Repository

FoundationR, open-sourced

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